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Image by Benjamin Davies

Our Story

MagikMole is a family-owned business located Bogota, Colombia.

Colombia has become one of the top 3 Avocado producing countries in the world.

Our purpose is to expand and promote the consumption of 100% Natural Colombian avocados and guacamole around the world through innovative ways. 


Using the Freeze-Drying Technology, we seek to provide sustainable solutions and alternatives to enjoy the foods we love in the most natural way possible.

It is estimated that there are at least 13,000 avocado producers in Colombia

Avocado generates around 54 thousand jobs throughout its production chain.

The total national planted area is approximately 74,000 hectares, of which 35,000 correspond to the Hass variety for export.

Image by Rufus O’Dea
Image by Wimber Cancho

The national production of avocado continues to expand and the international scene shows that the new avocado boom in the country will lead this product to be the main non-traditional agro-export food in Colombia.

International demand continues to rise and Colombia is already positioned as an important international player in terms of HASS Avocados.

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